So, Roberta Biagi love!

Did you know the new kid on the block?! Whom am I talking about?! Roberta's Biagi new site for online shopping of course! I just discovered it & I admit I'm surprised by every single thing in this collection! So elegant, so cute, sooo...Gossip Girl wearing?! Huh, I guess that's what describes it definitely!
Are you ready to say "Hello, Manhattan!" ?!
Find out more about the collection...

Rich in details

Details make the difference. Roberta Biagi means attention and care to those little details that complete garments, making unique dresses, skirts, shirts and coats.

Grit and Grace

Roberta Biagi garments have a young and dynamic style, perfect for women who love wearing with determination, not giving up their femininity. Geometrical Tailoring with colored trims or inserts, but also soft lines and fabrics , to feel romantic. Roberta Biagi is dedicated to a strong and dynamic woman, who doesn't forget her grace and a bit of naughty femininity.

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